Denominations of silver drachma

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Denominations of silver drachma

Post by alsadeekalsadouk on Sun Sep 20, 2015 9:08 pm

The weight of the silver drachma was approximately 4.3 grams,[12] although weights varied significantly from one city-state to another. It was divided into six obols of 0.72 grams, which were subdivided into four tetartemoria of 0.18 grams, one of the smallest coins ever struck, approximately 5–7 mm in diameter

Dekadrachm10 drachmas43 grams
Tetradrachm4 drachmas17.2 grams
Didrachm2 drachmas8.6 grams
Drachma6 obols4.3 grams
Tetrobol4 obols2.85 grams
Triobol (hemidrachm)3 obols2.15 grams
Diobol2 obols1.43 grams
Obol4 tetartemorions0.72 grams
Tritartemorion3 tetartemorions0.54 grams
Hemiobol2 tetartemorions0.36 grams
Trihemitartemorion3/2 tetartemorions0.27 grams
Tetartemorion1/4 obol0.18 grams
Hemitartemorion½ tetartemorion0.09 grams
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