How to read Sassanian coins “chapter 1”

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How to read Sassanian coins “chapter 1”

Post by alsadeekalsadouk on Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:57 pm

Where we find the Ruler's name & crown
Where we find the mint mark?
In this chapter will highlight four keys :
1- King name
2- Date
3- City
4- Crown
Before learning any script we have to know how to identify the location on coin . and these keys are constant on Dinar , drachma and falas / fals  ( some times they vary , but 80% same )
As you see in the photo

Winged crown, three merlons, three short diadem ties behind, crescent in front, surmounted by star and crescent , each king has different crown , in this photo this
Bust of Khosrau II right, wearing mural crown with frontal crescent, two wings, and star set on crescent; star-in-crescents in border / Two attendants flanking fire altar with ribbons; star and crescent flanking flames; star-in-crescents in border
Chapter 2 will cover city   mint  & 3 will cover kings name
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